York Rite Masons of

New Brunswick


From these pages you can learn more about us and our role in Canadian Freemasonry and in our communities, as well as how to become a member.

We are one of three associated bodies following the degrees of Blue or Craft Lodge Masonry (The York Rite, The Scottish Rite and the Mystic Order of the Shrine).  We expand upon the initial Lodge degrees and continue a Mason’s journey towards an understanding of his place as a citizen of humanity.

The York Rite consists of the bodies of Capitular Rite Masonry (Chapters of Royal Arch Masons), Cryptic Rite Masonry (Councils of Royal and Select Masters) and the Chivalric Orders (Preceptories of Knights Templar).  There are also a number of Appendant or Allied Bodies who’s memberships are linked to each.  The name comes from the English City of York and a charter from there dated 926 AD where King Athelstan outlined the rules and points regarding the conduct of masons in his kingdom.

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